Programme: Prostate Cancer Europe 2019

Tuesday 2nd April 2019, Brussels
Chair: Prof. Hendrik van Poppel, Adjunct Secretary General for Education, European Association of Urology
09:30 Registration and Morning Coffee
10:00 — 11:30

Session I: Analysing the current policy framework of prostate cancer in the EU and Member States

  • Introduction & opening of roundtable
  • Viewpoint: European Association of Urology Policy Paper for Screening by Prof. Hendrik van Poppel, Adjunct Secretary General for Education, European Association of Urology 
  • Viewpoint by European Parliament (MEPs Against Cancer Group) 
  • Viewpoint by European Commission 
  • How can we develop and apply EU guidelines?
  • EU-wide awareness raising campaigns and screening
11:30 — 11:45 Coffee Break
11:45 — 13:00 Session II: Improving early prevention, diagnosis and patient treatment
  • Patient’s first point of contact: identifying key challenges and putting in place an effective system to ensure no patient is left behind 
  • The role of personalised medicine: treatment options and how to best tailor them to the patient's need 
  • Developing cross-EU Centres of Excellence: Identifyig our current position and preparing for the future
  • PSA-based screening: How can we increase accuracy in diagnosis and treatment? 
  • Tackling inequalities in access to new treatment options amongst member states
  • Follow-ups: the role of specialist nurses and the psychological effects of the disease 
  • How can we efficiently use palliative care to improve the quality of life of patients and families? 
13:00 — 14:00 Networking Lunch
14:00 — 15:15 Session III: Fostering research, innovation and drugs development
  • Multiple stakeholder involvement: fostering collaboration between academia, industry and healthcare providers
  • Emerging technologies: evaluating the effectiveness of M-Health, E-Health and Robotics on patient satisfaction 
  • Centralising and improving patient data collection 
  • The use of intelligence surgical assistance systems and patient recovery
  • Developing funding and research for technology and innovation 
  • How can we implement appropriate pricing and reimbursement to manage health care costs whilst encouraging innovation? 
15:15 — 15:45 Recommendations and Close of Roundtable
  • Recommendations for policy makers, governments and key stakeholders to support an EU-wide strategy : tour de table of each participant’s final recommendation for the PCa Cancer Report
  • Chair’s closing remarks
15:30 — 15:45 Closing remarks and close of roundtable